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JEDDAH: IRFAN MOHAMMED Saturday 22 December 2012 Last Update 21 December 2012 9:54 pm

(引用開始)「Saudi Scouts, in collaboration with the Saudi Environment Society and Jeddah municipality, launched their maiden campaign on Thursday evening to promote a clean ‘Jeddah’ during a symbolic procession at the Northern Corniche, in which approximately 400 young Saudi students participated.

Saudi cyclists acted as pilots, and the young Saudi scouts of various schools in Jeddah followed them while holding placards inscribed with slogans of cleaning and a healthy environment of the city. While in procession, they chanted slogans on the need of keeping the city clean. The young scouts distributed green and orange leaflets to visitors.

Welcoming the campaign, Mohammed Al-Yami of Jeddah Friends, a subsidiary of Jeddah municipality, praised the young children’s role in maintaining the city clean. He said the seafront at the Corniche is one of the places in the city worst hit by waste. The campaign is therefore focused on and held at the seaside.
Salem Bakawad of the Saudi Scouts promised that Saudi Scouts would also be an important part of the cleaning campaign in the future. The involvement of the young generation in such campaigns yields positive results, said Magda Abu Ras of the Saudi Environment Society.

Thousands of visitors who were picnicking at the sea shores were touched by the Saudi children’s gesture and their interest to promote a cleaning campaign.
Speaking on the occasion, Ali Al-Yami said the municipality was planning to involve the community more extensively in cleaning campaigns, with more cycling campaigns and runs planned in the near future. Among them is a 9-km run, he added.
Not merely creating awareness, but working hard to implement the campaign is the great challenge Jeddah municipality is facing now. Al-Yami urged every resident to take part in this, saying that the city is like a house where everyone has to play a role and share the responsibility of cleaning. He thanked Saudi Scouts, Jeddah Friends, and the Saudi Environment Society for their voluntary contribution toward the city.

One has to learn from young children how to contribute to maintaining the environment of the city clean, commented Magda Abu Ras of the Saudi Environment Society. Her society is working hard to involve the community in promoting a clean and green environment in the Kingdom. Azza, who also works for the Saudi Environment Society, revealed that in some runs planned in the near future, more young children would participate.」(引用おわり)







さて、、、私は、今回、何に参加したかと言うと、、(どうでもいいけど、ウエストポーチのジッパー閉めようね。私の後ろの水色のベストが文中にあるJeddah Friendのユニフォームです)

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