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Azan in Saudi and Malaysia

Prayer is an apparent daily muslims event. All over the world, Muslims pray in same manner as called Sunna everyday.

However, there are a difference between Saudi's and Malaysian's caught my eyes today. That is "Azan".

Saudi Azan is nomally simple, short and not decorative vocalization. However, Expat workers' Azan specially south Asian is not so clear as Arabs such as "Allah Akbar" turn to "Allaakbar".
Malaysian Azan is so melodious. You might surprize how single breath continues longer.

Saudi thought "Azan" should be simple and clear to "convey the message" further in vivit appearance. Something too practical. Meantime, Azan should not be decorative because,, or maybe they thought Azan is a Tool to call people.

Malaysian thougt (at least I thought) "Azan" is a part of "Symbol of Islam". Arabic is not mother tonge of Malaysian obviously foregin language. So, Azan's message is not directly reached their mind, but reached as a Symbol. then, Symbol should be decorated as Mosque wall is covered by Calligraphy, Arabesque pattern and stained glass.

Both are still "Azan". A tool and a Symbol.

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